New Underground Hip Hop - Bandcamp Movement: "Rap Artifacts" by Edo.G & Mr. Skip

Published on 4 August 2023 at 16:09

This album is dope in the ilk of an East Coast classic. It is mostly produced by Edo.G and Mr. Skip with some produced by lordMixer. It possess a lot of good flavors but one thing is for sure they stay focused on bringing you high tiered Hip Hop. It's a lyrical elephant stompin' on your ear drums with each lyric spit over the beat and each thump of the bass and each slap of the snare. They spit about life and songs like "Boutchu" have dope wordplay around the sample in a creative manner and "Excuses" is a hard-hitting song that hits you like a Hagler hook. It even has that RNB flavor with "All in the Family" that features vocals by Ryan Toby. 


"Honey" has those signature cuts needed to pay homage to Hip Hop in it's purest form. In the end, you can appreciate these two artists from the East Coast and West Coast (Edo.G from Boston and Mr. Skip from LA). There is also features from RVS and Gene Fiero. The beats on this one gives them a chance to get playful and have fun with each song. I think a lot of people didn't know Edo.G could make beats like this shit. Don't miss out on this one!

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