New Underground Hip Hop - Bandcamp Movement: "The Year Of The Rabbit" by Cuban Pete & Bo Faat

Published on 9 July 2023 at 13:00

This album spit by Cuban Pete and beats by the legendary Bo Faat is dope to say the least it starts off with a strong intro that sets the tone for the aggressive lyrical barrage which Cuban Pete does a great job in representing who he is - a beast on the mic. He brings his unapologetic opinions to his tracks and sprays it on his social media. You can see many people dislike his perceived brashness and commentate on it quite often, but you can tell about how he isn't going to change on how he interacts with the web. He brings an old style of smooth flows mixed with a more evolved spit that is reminiscent of most types of Hip Hop lyricists. My favorite tracks seem to gravitate towards the ones that Jabbathakut lays his scratches too. He gets a ton of dope features on this record from Krumbsnatcha, Raf Almighty, Jus-P, Nelson Dialect, OneMike, B. Dvine, and yungL!NK. Bo Faat brings us those dope beats (mixing the album as well) for our ears as The J. Hexx Project provides the  mastering. Check it out!


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