New Underground Hip Hop Streaming Discoveries: "Sound Check" by Akil The MC

Published on 20 May 2023 at 10:29

Though this album dropped in Nov. 2016, it has just been added recently on Spotify. It's a dope ass album starring Akil The MC of Jurassic 5, a legendary Hip Hop group out of Los Angeles, CA (in case you didn't know). On his own, Akil The MC has a lot to say and project lyrically; social commentary, state of Hip Hop (what each region is doing singularly), the mission of his album, misconceptions about Hip Hop, and just spitting knowledge. It's beat selection is quite interesting using a lot of non-conventional sounds to create the soundscape, but it also draws on sampling as well as 808s too. His flows are equally interesting; he sprays his words in a style that can be described as foundational as well as more contemporary in nature. It still has that funky signature sound that drew me to Jurassic 5 when my eardrums first caught their sonic experience (which is what Jurassic 5 did, create a listening experience). I love the addition of "Apology"; a spoken word offering that sounds like someone on the phone talking in your's dope. It features Wordsworth and Miss A. Don't sleep on this, check it out!

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