New Hip Hop Music Videos 2023: "Silver Bullet" by M-Dot prod. by Pro Knows Music

Published on 13 May 2023 at 22:25

I almost forgot (we're all human right?), "Silver Bullet" which is the first single off M-Dot's newest album. It shows the struggles that he goes through just to survive and it is visually a great metaphor about how he has to fight to keep the monsters at bay (i.e. werewolf). It's a brilliant depiction of struggle using a werewolf in which a human has to always struggle keeping the monster away but even full moons cone and there is nothing that can stop it but a silver bullet. He is the silver bullet that keeps himself intact and that is sort of a realization that all human beings have to derive to, to fully understand survival. This is probably his most artistic revelation he has ever made...a magnum opus of a song. Not only are his lyrics powerful but so is the beat...with the studder delay usage on the guitar, it also supports the story cause it gives the beat the feeling that it is barely holding together too. So check it out, Don't snore on this one!


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