Underground Hip Hop Bandcampers: "The 333 Album" by Dap Daniel

Published on 9 April 2023 at 08:00

Is a dope mix of Cali Hip Hop (multi-era-ed), trap, and boom bap- it has it all. Dap Daniel brings high energy lyrical content like he has for many years with the Brohydes out of Richmond, CA. He's an underrated artist who has been dropping high quality music (as well as creating top notch beats) for a very long time and it is no surprise that this album is no different than his catalog (which is potent to say the least). He's got something for everyone, lyrical, party, club, uplifting, and more. Each beat slaps with it's own personality and the production makes the project clear like water in a cup. You are able to hear everything from start to finish. So check it out!

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