Underground Hip Hop Bandcampers: "Black Magick Voodoo Centipede Ritual" by Emerg Da MC X BK Bonez

Published on 17 September 2022 at 10:48

It's quite an interesting title to a very unique artist in Emerg Da MC, who The People's Theorem has been following since his discovery. He's very busy doing back-to-back albums from Kiza G Beats and BK Bonez as well as offering up feature verses for other artists. He is always touching on the topics that linger in the shadows; one's that you will not read in a newspaper or see on televised news. His observations are unique to his perspective living in two of the biggest major cities in the US in Atlanta and New York. He doesn't ever shy away from one of his main themes of African American systematic racism and his topics are their presentation are ones you will not typically see on radio (or even internet radio) platforms. This project is no different, Emerg Da MC is an abstract-minded artist on the top of the food chain. Check it out, another solid effort out of these two. 


It also features othere fellow Grave Wax Music alums in, Marz One and Donny G plus Baby Isreal. 

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